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Real Estate Appraisal & Consulting Services in Wilmington and Southeastern North Carolina

Ingram & Company is a distinguished real estate appraisal and consulting firm located in Wilmington, North Carolina offering comprehensive services in real estate appraisal, appraisal review, and consulting across Southeastern North Carolina.


 Established in 2007, our firm has remained committed to facilitating our clients’ success by delivering expert real estate  valuation services.


Irrespective of the objective—be it lending assessments, legal proceedings, property tax appeals, eminent domain cases, estate planning, or any other specific requirement—our extensive expertise, experience, and professional accreditations guarantee our clients the best real estate appraisal and consulting service in the area. 

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Real Estate Valuation Services

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Commercial & Residential Appraisals

As local market area experts in Southeastern North Carolina, Ingram & Company's appraisal team is equipped with extensive experience and understanding of the intricacies involved with appraising Real Property in Wilmington and Southeastern North Carolina. Contact us for a free quote today.

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Appraisal Reviews

Appraisal reviews assure the value used in a report is accurate, logical, and properly supported. The review may include comments and critiques to which the original appraiser can respond. Our experienced review panel will help ensure your asset is valued properly. Contact us for a free appraisal review quote today.

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Estate & Trust Valuations

Estate valuations serve multiple purposes crucial to the settlement and distribution of assets within an estate. The primary function is to assess the fair market value as of the date of death and is vital for probate proceedings, equitable distribution, and tax purposes. Contact us for an Estate Valuation quote today.

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Litigation Support & Expert Witness

Renowned within the legal sphere, our team garners respect for our extensive experience, profound grasp of valuation complexities, and comprehensive understanding of the appraisal process. We provide a spectrum of services tailored for the legal community, encompassing real estate appraisal, appraisal review, consulting, and expert witness support. Contact us about your case today.

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Eminent Domain

We work with various government entities, right-of-way firms, property owners, and legal representatives in eminent domain valuations to help determine just compensation. Engaging seasoned legal counsel and a knowledgeable appraiser, who understands the impact of property acquisition, significantly influences the final compensation outcome. Contact us to talk more about your eminent domain proceedings.